Google+ is rapidly becoming one of the internet’s most used social networks, so do not wait to use it as a way to connect with your audience, market, and boost your SEO.

Google+ is growing at a phenomenal rate. In 2013, it grew 58% from the previous year. There are now over 300 million people who actively use it as a social network. It should come as no surprise that 70% of businesses also have a presence on Google+. It offers many of the same great features as Facebook and Twitter, with one incredibly useful difference: it is tied directly into Google’s search engine and has the ability to increase your web presence rank.


Here are 10 tips for kickstarting your Google+ business page and boosting your SEO:


Fill out your information—This might seem like an obvious tip, but, unlike other social networks, Google+ is set up to optimize Google's search engine results. In order for this to work well, you need fill out your profile and pages completely.
Focus on keywords—When you are filling out your profile, be sure include keywords. Think about the keywords that you want to rank high on, as well as the keywords your customers are using. This is especially important when you write the Introduction in your Google+’s About section because that is where Google initially draws all its information from.

Add links—Google+ allows you to add links in a variety of places, so use them to link to content on your website, including particular pages you want to send leads to.
Make use of hover text—Hover text is a feature that allows you to control what people see when they hold their mouse over your business name in Google+. One of the best uses of the small space is to show your business’s tagline. You can only see the first five words in the hover card, so make them count.

Use more hashtags—Since Google+ offers an open-posting environment that is similar to Twitter, hashtags are very useful. See what is trending under “What’s Hot” and add to the current conversation or start your own by using trending hashtags. Not only do hashtags help you within the Google+ network, but they also appear in Google searches. 

Spend time networking—Google+ uses circles as a way to group people together based on their relationship to each other. Your goal is to get people to add your business to one of their circles. The more people’s circles you are in, the more your position will improve in regular Google searches, so network as much as possible. When you first set up your account, join the circles of people and businesses that you already know. Ask them to help you get the word out about your page and share your content.

Promote yourself everywhere—In addition to making connections with your associates, reach out to your clients, customers, and leads. Announce your new Google+ account in your email newsletter. Add a link to your email footer and other social media sites. You can also place a badge on your site, which allows people to circle you there without having to go to Google+. Google+ offers a way to make a badge or you can ask your marketing agency’s design team to create a customized one for you that fits with your brand.

Encourage feedback—The +1 button is similar to Facebook’s Like button because it allows others to easily share pages, links, and content, but it has the added bonus of helping increase your SEO. The more +1’s your website and content has, the higher it will appear in the search engine results. Get the latest +1 button code and install it on your main homepage and your individual pages and blog posts.

Update content frequently—Creating a great profile and getting it out into the world are very important parts to making Google+ work for your business, but in order to make it a true success, you have to post content that your followers care about. Update your audience with news about your company. Offer helpful tips and tricks. Share the latest blog entries. Post pictures and videos. Offer special deals for only your Google+ followers. A great side effect of posting is that when someone googles your business, your most recent Google+ post will appear in the search results, which shows the user that you are active. This is good incentive to update often.

Interact with your followers—Google+ is first and foremost a social network. In addition to posting content and advertising your business, you need to be interacting with your audience. Respond to comments, questions, and concerns. Share others’ content when it is relevant to your followers. Take a general interest in your clients and customers and show them that you are human, just like they are.


Google+ is rapidly becoming one of the internet’s most used social networks, so do not wait to use it as a way to connect with your audience, market, and boost your SEO. Just remember that, like all forms of internet marketing, it takes time to work. If you do not see an immediate jump in followers or your site’s SEO, be patient. It will happen if you remain dedicated.


If you are unsure how to make use of all that Google+ has to offer, talk to your marketing agency. They will be able to help you create the best strategy for making it a unique, powerful marketing tool that helps you promote your products and services and better serve your clients and customers.