Marketing with Social Media

With the right marketing, your business will flourish in 140 characters or less.

Just a few years ago, social media was an up-and-coming concept that was largely relegated to teenage audiences and peer-to-peer connections for entertainment purposes. The modern climate of online interactions, however, has given social media numerous facets and methods of mature implementation. Social media can allow your business to expand its message, customer base, and client interaction, or it can be used to boost your exposure with active and passive marketing campaigns. One overlooked aspect of this system is the rapid pace of social media development, which can complicate the process and distance you from your potential customers. Mishandled social media, after all, can be almost as damaging as abstaining from it altogether. A modern brand or business requires a smart, savvy, and well-targeted social media campaign to make its voice heard and stand above competitors, and professional marketing agencies are the way to make it happen.

One of social media’s most defining — and perhaps intimidating — traits is an insistence on progress and continual evolution. Social media platforms arise, shrink away, and expand at unprecedented rates, and staying aware of these changes and upcoming trends can be maddening. Marketing agencies have a keen eye for the next big platform, and often devote their resources to creating campaigns and strategies that are specifically tailored to these platforms. Older standbys such as email haven’t been phased out, but the platforms for the upcoming year are worthy of the most attention and consideration. Some of 2016’s heavy hitters include platforms that many have written off as less business-oriented, such as Pinterest or Instagram. Furthermore, the upcoming implementation of advertisements on both of these image-based platforms will revolutionize the way in which marketing companies present their visions to users. Wanelo, a shopping-based platform, has tremendous opportunities for fashion or retail brands. Finally, an unexpected rising star for marketing is a video-sharing platform called Vine, which restricts users to clips that are only a few seconds long to promote viral and fresh content.

These platforms are based around shared multimedia, consistent updates, and lightning-fast bids to grab a viewer’s attention. They demand a high level of marketing knowledge and skill to be used efficiently. This trend is especially relevant on Twitter, which is another still-growing platform that presents compact, 140-character pitches and blurbs for its users. Agencies such as i2 Marketing have experience in identifying these up-and-coming platforms and proactively developing tactics for their intended audience.

Even blog-centric sites such as Tumblr and Facebook will have massive opportunities to connect with potential clients and present your brand in the best possible light. Social media, in a general sense, is best used when it walks a tightrope between connecting with consumers and presenting concise information. You should respect the user’s time and patience, but deliver your message as strongly as possible in your allotted space. One crucial aspect of a marketing agency’s work is taking your concepts and molding them to platform-specific guidelines, or employing specialized optimization tools such as hashtag terms or keywords from analytics reports. Marketing professionals are trained in staying current with platform usage and spotting the next big break, and because of this, they take the guesswork, clutter, and burden of endless updates off your back. Marketing agencies are also skilled in networking between various platforms, making it possible to quickly adapt one post into an update for another platform with minimal tweaking. This can also help to funnel your clients from a scrolling update feed to your business with one or two clicks, and ensures that your users will have a more accessible experience with your brand.

While it may not be the final frontier, social media remains open territory for anybody with the ambition and know-how. As platforms grow more interrelated and are reached by larger pools of consumers, the need for well-constructed campaigns will become increasingly important, and marketing agencies are there to fill in the gaps and form bridges to new client bases. If you’ve heard that social media is only designed for the Millennial Generation and smartphone addicts, then think again: social media is the new media.