With professional sound and graphics, your videos can march to the beat of their own drum.

If you’ve started to dabble in video production as a method of spreading your message or brand, you’re already ten steps ahead of the competition. Of course, moving into new territory and producing video content also opens a thousand new doors in regards to how you’re able to market yourself or your company. Video production tends to be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true tactics that a professional video production company can implement throughout your projects, whether you’re commissioning an infomercial or a comedy skit. These intermediate and advanced features will set your videos apart from the competition, and will ensure the best possible results for your project. Here’s what a dedicated video production team can do to help elevate your presentation.


One of the most eye-catching features in a video project is the graphics. The on-screen animations are a fantastic way to convey information, drive home a unique visual style, and ultimately keep the viewer engaged in your content. Many marketing and advertising spots find their way into the public eye because of the animation alone, which can be as simple as a well-placed transition or as complex as a 3D, fully-rendered mascot. Regardless of the depth of your desired animation, it’s important to keep in mind the skill of the editors and animators. Nearly anybody can find a tutorial for these effects at home, but professional video animators have access to state of the art editing programs and proprietary effects that a home user may not. Some animation effects create a more vibrant logo or a background display, while others are used to make digital composite images, typically with green screen techniques you might find in major Hollywood films. The traditional style of static, long takes have become outdated in the current media market, and consumers are most attracted to visually stimulating and exciting animation.


Another essential component of your video is the audio. It may seem like a background feature in such a visual medium, but custom music can be your secret weapon in the quest to garner more views, more clicks, and more attention. Think of how many successful advertising and marketing campaigns have been driven solely by a good jingle, or a familiar arrangement of piano notes. Your video doesn’t need to be constructed on a corporate scale to make use of custom music for your project, of course. Simply having music alongside your visuals will help to create a cohesive tone and more focused feel. During filming for your project, the director and videographer usually coordinate the shots to take advantage of any music being added in post-production. Professional video production companies have an eye — and ear — for meshing the components of your project. Much like animation, of course, video production companies also have more access to music editing programs, diverse samples, and licensed music, and can provide a greater audio selection for your project.


In a general sense, a video can be as simple or as intricate as you like. But if you’re interested in creating a polished final product that will reflect the quality and merits of your message, brand, or organization, you should invest in professional animators and sound designers. Implementing custom music and animation, if done professionally and with a keen sense of design, will maximize your project’s presentation and propel you into the marketing spotlight.


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